The Awwal Tea Difference

The flavour of Awwal Tea is the by-product of researching some of the finest blenders of the region. The company is particularly focussing on the most polished blenders to give its customers a taste they will never forget.

Awwal Tea

Awwal Tea is a Premium Indian Chai Blend created by our tea tasters for your everyday tea needs. It is a blend of the high grown tea selected and chosen from the finest gardens of Assam and Dooars. It gives a refreshing taste, good aroma and an added leaf which enhances the flavour. When using Awwal tea, you require very less DAANAs of tea. Awwal Tea perfectly stands for line DAMDAR DANEDAR CHAI.

Josh Tea

Josh Tea is pure ctc tea with strong taste and gutty liquor. The liquor is bright and spots a golden red color with milk. The tea is full in its body, brisk in taste with a sweet aroma, true to its name. It is highly in demand in the Indian household. The advanced process of blending ensures the goodness of leaf gets absorbed in every granule uniformly and gets released at the time of brewing.

Somras Tea

Somras Tea ensures a strong taste, rich color and a stimulating aroma. It is skilfully prepared to give a refreshing taste. It has reusable packaging which looks very attractive, right blend that gives Strength and Aroma; that has been prepared by experienced tea tasters which also ensures more cup page. We pack all our teas in superior quality packets to protect the tea from being exposed to air or moisture, thus increasing its shelf life.